About Chelsea Dermatology

    Welcome to Chelsea Dermatology!

    We are located at:

    420 West 23rd St. Suite A-GF

    New York, NY 10011 


    Our office is between 9th and 10th ave. 

    Our Practice specializes in preventive and corrective skin care.  At Chelsea Dermatology expect attentive care to achieve your personal goals. Participation is key to the ultimate success of your treatment.  State of the art therapies are used to care for your skin and we stand ready to provide care in an environment that is compassionate, confidential and professional. 

    At Chelsea Dermatology and DermalEssenceTM Medical Spa we use state of the art procedures and treatments to help alleviate unwanted skin conditions making it possible for you to achieve the beautiful skin you've always wanted.   By using lasers, cosmetic surgery, medicines and proven spa techniques our staff can rejuvenate, remedy, and restore problems including, lines and wrinkles, blemishes, discolorations, rashes and unsightly growths.

    Our DermalEssenceTM line of skin care products are especially formulated to address a wide range of skin conditions to help you achieve great looking skin.  Our makeup consultant can customize regimens to allow optimal highlighting of your skin's natural beauty and conceal any unflattering features.  You'll be truly amazed at how your skin's natural beauty can be enhanced with custom makeup.

    E-mail us at: confirmations@chelseaderm.com

    Please note, this website is in no way intended to replace the advice and care of a physician. Anyone having medical questions or who is suffering from a medical condition should seek the counsel of a licensed physician. Please do not e-mail us with questions about the course of your treatment, your symptoms, or with anything related to Protected Health Information (PHI) as this e-mail is not encrypted. These questions should be directed to our office via phone at 212-675-4244.

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